What VCA Parents Say


These parent testimonials have been quoted directly from online school review websites.

My wife and I have 2 children going into their third year in the Lower School at Veritas.  We were both educated in public schools in North Carolina and now, like every other parent, we want to provide the best education possible for our own children.  Our experience at Veritas has been overwhelmingly positive.  What has impressed me the most, however, is the culture of caring that is pervasive throughout the school.  Faculty, students and parents all genuinely care not only for the well-being of the students, but for their families.  When you see a teacher hug one of the children and tell them that they love them and they are proud of them, you know your child is getting an experience that cannot be duplicated in a public school environment.

When we moved to the area, we were looking for a Christian school that also placed a great emphasis on academics.  We found that in Veritas.  Great academics, plus Christian education, including apologetics, rhetoric, and logic.  Our young people will need to be equipped to succeed in college and the world beyond, and they will also need the tools to defend their faith and stand up for their beliefs.  Veritas provides them with all of these things.  What a joy to find such a place!

While no school is perfect, Veritas makes every attempt to meet the needs of its students and prepares them academically in a way that no other school does.  If you're looking for "fun" in education, then recognize that your student's choices for the future will be greatly limited.  It's better to focus on good relationships with peers and teachers, classes that challenge the students to reach beyond what comes easily, and limited distractions (what student really needs a cellphone during school hours?).  VCA provides all of these and more.

We educated two daughters at Veritas. The education was exceptional in many ways. The academic rigor is unrivaled by any school in the region.  The "Classical" education with its emphasis on trivium (grammar stage, logic stage and rhetoric stage) provided a cohesive educational approach.  The early grades were enriched with various mnemonic devices designed to impart enormous content in efficient, engaging ways.  Years after my children completed the primary grades I found myself sometimes reciting some of the Shurley Grammar Jingles that were the foundation for later refinement and deep understanding of grammar.  Both my daughters developed an ability to edit text at the level of a professional copy editor.   While I thought the "logic" stage of the middle school years was somewhat indistinct, the high school years proved me wrong when I witnessed how the logic stage was another foundational step.  The quality of genuine scholarship that Veritas nurtured in both our children gave them a solid preparation for becoming lifelong learners.  

The commitment and passion demonstrated by the faculty was remarkable.  It was often evident that their occupation as educators was their mission.  While not every teacher enthralled us, and we certainly had disagreements at times, we never saw a reason to doubt the teacher's genuine and heartfelt desire to seek the best for our children.  Even when differences arose that pertained to Christian beliefs, there was an attitude of respect and an effort to avoid conflict with our beliefs as parents.  
I have always appreciated the thoughtful stewardship of financial resources displayed by the Board of Directors and leaders in the school.  In no small part, this explains why Veritas has maintained relatively affordable tuition rates compared to other schools in our area like Carolina Day School.  This also means their is more socioeconomic diversity among the student body than might be encountered at other schools.
There were ample Advanced Placement courses for our children including AP Latin and Greek of course.
Believing that in a pluralistic society like ours tolerance is paramount, I have often wished Veritas would drop its requirement for at least one parent to be a professing Christian.  However, Veritas officials made compelling arguments that Veritas does not wish to be an evangelical school.  Instead, it wishes to "partner" with parents in ways that would never be divisive.  A school with an evangelical focus might be unable to sail between Scylla and Charybdis to avoid the perils of evangelizing to a child thereby undermining a parent who was a nonbeliever.  
While Veritas cannot guarantee a result regarding academic attainment or good character development, I continue to believe there is no better setting for providing children the best chance to achieve both.