Travel Programs

High School Retreat

One of Veritas students' favorite experiences is the annual High School Retreat held at the beginning of each school year.  Students spend three days at Camp Merri-Mac and Timberlake in Montreat, North Carolina.  The days are filled with a variety of activities, games, and free time to explore the outdoors.  Students are given the opportunity to choose specific activities, such as hiking to Turtleback or diving and swimming in the lake on the beautiful grounds of the camp. Many students learn to kayak and rock climb in the moutains, activities that stretch them both physically and spiritually.  Some of the students' favorite activities include playing Capture the Flag, bocce ball, and volleyball.  Each evening an event is planned that encourages dynamic interaction among the students. Students and faculty also gather around the campfire to enjoy music and share stories.  The retreat culminates with a day of service at the Presbyterian Home for Children.

The retreat offers a wonderful opportunity for students to form meaningful bonds with fellow students and our faculty .  Students and teachers benefit from this time that is set aside to encourage healthy and adventurous interaction outside of the classroom.  Each year, the students return from the retreat with a variety of memories
and experiences.  It is a wonderful way to begin the school year, and a valuable time of fellowship.

The 2012 Retreats were captured on video - please watch!

Middle School Retreat

“We, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”  Paul’s words in Romans 12:5, reflect the theme for the annual Middle School Retreat.  At the beginning of each school year, all sixth through eighth graders and their teachers spend three days and two nights at the Ridgecrest Conference Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina.  This time away from home and school provides students with the opportunity to strengthen current friendships and create new ones while also challenging them to work together as a community.

The Ridgecrest counselors lead the students in small and large group games that test their ability to communicate clearly, lead effectively, and trust one another.  Other activities, such as the climbing tower, laser tag, and the high ropes course, force students to face their fears.  Students are often amazed by what they are able to do with the support and encouragement of their peers and teachers.

Each morning begins with a quiet time for students and teachers to study and pray through a passage of Scripture.  Large group sessions dig deeper into the assigned readings and include time for corporate worship.  After dinner, students are divided into groups to discuss how to apply the biblical principles they have learned in specific, practical ways.

No retreat experience would be complete without fun surprises along the way.  In the past, students have enjoyed special concerts, humorous skits, and late-night stories by the campfire, followed by s’mores for dessert.  Playing Capture the Flag in the dark always proves to be one of the most popular activities.  The retreat provides a common experience and theme upon which to build for the remainder of the year.  

Eighth Grade Trip to Washington D.C.

The eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C., is perhaps the event most anticipated by every Middle School Student at Veritas Christian Academy.  Each May, the eighth grade class spends a week touring the city.  The sight of impressive monuments built to honor our greatest presidents, the careful preservation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the war memorials at Arlington Cemetery remind our students of the value and price of our freedoms.  An extensive tour of the Capitol Building, including a conversation with our local Congressman and the opportunity to see lawmakers debate on the House floor, give students a first hand look at our political system at work.

For many students, this is their first opportunity to experience life in a big city.  They discover the ups and downs of city life, from the easily accessible treasures found in the Smithsonian Museums to the challenges of crowded subways and misread maps. They also find time to cheer for the Washington Nationals at a major league baseball game, laugh at the antics of the pandas at the National Zoo, and relax in the evening while discussing the events of the day.  This trip offers students the opportunity to apply what they have learned thus far and to begin entertaining new ideas and questions that will establish a foundation for the Rhetoric phase of their classical education. 

Sophomore College Trip
Every year the Sophomore class attends a 3-day 
College Trip accompanied by parent 
chaperones and the College Counselor. This year, the Class of 2018 toured Davidson College, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University and Wake Forest University. The college trip gives students an opportunity to visit quality public and private institutions. For some students, this may be the first time stepping on to a college campus. For others, it will give them an idea of what may become a good fit for them in the future. It's an exciting learning experience, and the students return with a new enthusiam for the possibilities ahead.

 Senior Class European Trip

Veritas Christian Academy is a unique environment.  The interaction between our methodology, our Christian emphasis, and our curriculum are distinctive.  We seek to educate students for God’s glory and to do so in innovative yet practical ways.  The classical Christian education enjoyed by our students culminates with a senior class trip to Europe.  After studying Western tradition and thought extensively for four years, our seniors have the opportunity to experience for themselves the cultures and locations they have read about, analyzed, and discussed.  This trip is a capstone to the Veritas education.   

The senior trip takes place over spring break and includes tours of Paris, Rome, and Florence.  Our students have visited Pompeii, Milan, San Gimignano, and Siena.  This annual trip is extensive and includes guided tours through Vatican City, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, through Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the ancient streets of Florence.  Every trip brings new experiences and fresh insights for our students.

We want all of our graduates to leave Veritas with both the knowledge and the experience of the Western world.  This is a life changing adventure in which all Veritas students will have the privilege of participating.