Mission and Philosophy



Veritas Christian Academy is an independent, non-denominational, college preparatory school governed by a Board of Trustees.  The school serves students in Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Mission Statement

Intelligent Faith:  Equipping minds and engaging hearts for God's Kingdom purposes.

Veritas Christian Academy Philosophy

  • Parents have a God-given responsibility for the education of their children; therefore, parents are expected to take an active role in the education process.
  • Teachers and staff, who stand in place of the parents during school hours, should genuinely model the Christian life and worldview with love and grace.

Since God’s truth is revealed in the Scriptures as well as in all creation, the Christian worldview approach integrates the truth of the Scriptures with learning in all subject matter.

  • We aspire towards academic excellence and conduct that is honoring to God in an attempt to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, and mind.
  • Academic and character development should promote principled reasoning, a love of learning that brings glory to God, and an attitude of servant-leadership which allows the student to become all that God calls him to be.
  • Prayer is essential to this Christian institution, and we solicit the prayers of all who are involved with our mission so that the unity of the Spirit and the peace of the Lord will be manifest in all our activities.